Friday, February 17, 2012

2/17/12 New!

New camera!
Katrina is modeling her minor haircut; she was along for the ride and got a little bangs touch-up while the boys got de-shagged.

Still took the photo too close though, look how distorted her left hand is. But this camera is supposed to handle low-light conditions better -- and should still take my careless throw-it-in-the-bag abuse. Just in time for our upcoming ski trip! I've been waiting to get a new Canon S100 since September last year, I'm really happy about it.

That reminds me, our ski rental place has no Internet access, so we'll be off the air for a while. That could be a good thing!

In case anyone was wondering, today was supposed to be our 20/20 interview air date -- but we always knew it could get pre-empted by big breaking news, and Whitney Houston's death certainly counts in 20/20-land as major news. No idea if/when we'll ever air after all.


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