Monday, February 06, 2012

2/6/2012 Bedtime!

I spent most of the day curled up on my bed, napping on and off. I'm very grateful that we have so many new channels now, from a recent change to our cable service. My back doctor couldn't see me today, but as usual, the physical therapists came through and I got an appointment there today.

This "annular tear" episode in my back is tricky -- I can actually stand up better than I usually can the first day, but there's a lot more pain than usual. Physical therapy usually makes me sore at first, but this time was much worse, it was really hard to walk to the car after treatment. But then, after lying down for a while, I can almost walk around "normally," though when I catch a glimpse of myself, I'm utterly pathetic.

As has happened before, it's interesting that of all the kids, Gabriel seems the most concerned. I have to wonder again if he's truly concerned about me, or if it's the very understandable kid-thing of not wanting to see your mother in a weak state. I remember when my mother had pneumonia when we were kids, and thinking she might have to go to the hospital -- it was terrifying. You'd think of all my kids, Gabriel would be the most blase, but it's quite opposite. I make light of it for his sake, but in truth I'm very frustrated that I'm so prone to being disabled in an instant.

Tomorrow: doctor, more rest, more ice, more drugs (prednisone advanced the healing fast last time), though I'll attempt to go into work in the morning. As much as I'm enjoying the Military channel, I'm getting tired of all this lying around!


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