Thursday, March 15, 2012

3/15/2012 The Science

If there were a degree offered in packing for ski trips, I'd deserve at least a Master's, because I have that down to a science! And how far I've come from the day of snow bibs that were 2-years outgrown, forgetting a boot, melting zippers, and absurdly oversized goggles!

I'm picking the kids up at noon tomorrow, in the hopes that we can be on the road by 1pm and avoid most of the traffic on our way to the Tahoe area. It will be a swarm, because this week marks the most snow they've had all year.

One of the kids' favorite entertainments in the car is texting Uncle Ronan. Katrina's getting pretty good at texting, with help from Big Brother sometimes -- the only problem is that she loses it if I insist she give back the iPhone when she's expecting a response!

This was coming back from Bear Valley two weekends ago.

Truckee, here we come!


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