Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3/21/2012 From mountains to coast

I drove to Watsonville this morning to install a wireless network for the California Strawberry Commission -- or so I thought. Working with another IT consultant flown in from Chicago (because an hour from San Jose, they couldn't find one -- ??), most of the work was in migrating the wired network.

One funny thing about the Strawberry Commission's offices -- there's a boot scraper right outside the door. I guess they get a lot of visitors who've been out in the fields lately!!

Watsonville -- such an interesting, honest place, and I really love being near the coast. I've passed through and stayed in that area many, many times over the years -- mostly as a motorcyclist, but my first camping trip with the boys was less than a mile from where I worked today. This is what I first loved about living in CA -- the coast, the redwood trees, the agriculture, the scrubby landscape. But now my head is in the mountains -- just two days ago, I was knee-deep in snow!

I'm SO tempted to go back to the Sierras this weekend -- but I'm tired, I'm getting sick, I really need to do our taxes and plan the summer, and the kids need a break from driving. But planning the summer and reserving camping trips is a terrific consolation!


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