Monday, April 16, 2012

4/16/12 Allergies???

Julian has been complaining for a few days that his eyes have been itchy and hurting him, and indeed, they're looking swollen and red underneath. This went on long enough that Dave took him to the doctor today, who said "allergies!" Well, probably. Of course, I was thinking "brain tumor," but we Moms tend to fear the worst. He has no other symptoms, and Dave, who's our resident canary for airborne allergens, hasn't had any trouble recently, so we didn't think of allergies.

Besides, I've been blithely bragging that none of my kids have any airborne allergies -- or any at all, other than Julian's severe penicillin allergy that hasn't emerged since he was 17 months old -- so how could it be that?

Well, despite my bravado and bragging, the doc chalked up his red itchy eyes to pollen -- and I'll easily take that over a brain tumor.


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