Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/15/2012 Forms, forms, forms

Ugh! I think all I did all day was fill out and prepare forms. Taxes, passport applications, and daycamp applications -- the last of which were the most odious since it wanted me to list vaccination dates. WHAT A PAIN!! To complicate matters, tomorrow is a cleaner's day, which is a few hours of picking up around the house tonight.

All I've really wanted to do this weekend is nap and do some gardening. Katrina and I did some trimming yesterday, and I'm SO enjoying walking around and seeing what's blooming, what's growing, and what's not doing so well, what needs to be cut back. I even planted two of my own plants today, for which I have a pretty consistent success rate: 0%. Pretty much everything I plant dies.

I've also been struggling with a splitting headache today, and am VERY ready to call it a day!


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