Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/10/12 Easter

Getting behind here, but these photos from Sunday are worth it. Well, the memory is anyway, I'm not so sure about the photos! They're never easy to get, but it's always worth trying.

As we have for more years than I can count, we gladly accepted a kind invitation from the White family to join them for Easter. This includes great food, catching up with old friends, and an Easter Egg Hunt.

This is always the hardest shot (and for some reason I can't find any old ones???), but this one worked pretty well! There's a new one in the mix, a toddler cousin who wouldn't stay still long enough for the photo -- of course. He's 16 months old, that's what they do!. Ah, toddlers. So cute, so completely lovable, but thank goodness we're past that.

The only funny thing today was how sore Julian was from yesterday's 3.1 mile run at the Big Bunny. He's never felt anything like that and didn't seem to connect it was related to his run! But he complained on and off all day that his "legs hurt." I believe him!

Another lovely Easter Sunday!


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