Saturday, April 07, 2012

4/7/12 Big Bunny Fun Run

The race that started it all: the Cupertino Big Bunny Fun Run 5K! I've done this many, many times now, even before I was a runner.

I started running (instead of walking) the Big Bunny when Katrina was a baby, and have run it every year since. We have a LOT of Big Bunny Fun Run T-shirts now!
The Bunny itself got an upgrade: it's gray now (new suit).

Dave and Katrina did the official walk, which is 2.5K (so, about a mile and a half). Doing the walk is really just for goodwill and to support the Parks and Rec department -- and for the T-shirt.

The kids practiced an "on your mark!"

Julian entered the real 5K this year too -- this is the boys just before the starting siren.

I coached Julian to pace himself and to follow the crowd. He was ready and excited and started strong!

Gabriel started faster than I could keep up with, plus I was taking photos of Julian. But I caught him about halfway through the race, passed him, and stayed enough ahead that I was able to take a photo of Gabriel crossing the finish line.

And Julian made it! It took him a lot longer, but he made it!

Katrina's favorite place to be, holding Dad's hand. They both greatly enjoyed the walk together, with a little running in the beginning, but mostly walking.

The 5K runners -- we made it! The clock at the finish line said I did it in 24:40, Gabriel in 25:40 and Julian in 35:20.

I ran harder than I ever have in a race, keeping a pace that meant constant gasping and being out of breath. But once you get to a certain pace, it's almost harder to back off -- especially if you can hear your son's footsteps behind you. But if my time really was 24:40, that means my first 8-minute mile!

A grand success for all of us!


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