Monday, April 02, 2012

4/2/2012 Belated April Fools'

The morning started with an impossible search for my iPhone. Turns out, it was right where I'd left it, by my bag to take with me into the car this morning -- but apparently its alarm was on. Gabriel heard it and with baffling, inexplicable kid-logic, took it up to his room, where I'd never find it. So I was iPhone-less today -- ssorry I didn't call you, Mom!

For some reason this weekend I was super tired and sleepy. I was such a zonk we really did nothing, aided by rainy days (yay!). Sunday our new landscapers came by and tore out a lot of mature plants and replaced them with teeny-tiny weed-looking little ones, but I have faith in our new CA Native landscape designer, who does a lot of maintenance work herself. It'll take some time for things to grow out, but I'll like them way better than the smattering of common high-maintenance cheap roses and day lilies we had before. I'm happy to move our landscaping into "gardens" with mostly CA natives.

Tonight, perhaps another April Fool's joke? Katrina ate chicken!! She wanted a drumstick and was actually excited about it -- and she ate some chicken!! This is huge!! She hates chicken! On principle, I think. Or maybe like me, she's just a dark-meat person.

For some reason, today, like the weekend, I feel horrendously exhausted and tired all day .... maybe this early schedule is catching up with me. Every weekday I have to get up so much earlier than I want to, and then to make matters worse, the one day I choose to get up uber-early, Saturdays, wipes me out for the whole day. And Sundays zonked until 11am just isn't enough to recover. But I'm not giving up my Saturday morning run!


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