Monday, May 21, 2012

5/21/12 Schoolwork

I don't look much at the kids' schoolwork, much beyond a glance or two -- Dave mostly takes care of that. But for some reason tonight I was rifling through some things, and found a few gems.

Of course, to me, anything they write are gems.

Gabriel started a writing a "Personal Narrative" for class, against his will. He probably has a topic, I'm guessing something like "Something that makes me feel lucky." Here's what he started today (he's referring to the camping trip we just did 2 weekends ago).


When you feel lucky, you usually are lucky, and vice versa. When I was camping one time, I learned this.

At Henry Coe State Park, in late spring 2012, I was hiking, with my mom, my brother, and my sister. We had just gotten there, and Mom wanted to make our camping trip start with a bang. Henry Coe was beautiful, with its meadows of flowers. I didn't find it very exciting, so I persuaded Mom to go home."

Persuaded me to go home?! Hahhh! Fiction!

Then, going through Julian's work, I found a Mother's Day packet from 2 weeks ago that he'd forgotten to bring home. It included some "fill in the blank" thoughts on the student's mother.


My Mom is special because -- she loves me and cares for me.
I like it when my Mom -- takes me to special places.
My Mom can do many things! I think she's best at -- being a good network engineer.
My Mom is smart! She even knows -- how to bake yummy food.
My Mom's the greatest because -- she lets me watch Burn Notice.

Dear Mom,

You are the best (and only) Mom I ever had. I want to do a mother-son project. What do you want to do today? Remember the French Boys singing CD? [ soundtrack to the movie Les Choristes ]. Let's listen to it. I love you mom. XOXO, Julian.

So funny to get a remote perspective on what sinks in to them! I have to wonder what the teachers think of me: "She lets them watch Burn Notice?!" Hahahhhh! "and French boys singing --?!?!" Julian has such a strong, rich voice; I wish he'd consider a choir, but he rejects it outright anytime I suggest anything like that. As if I could possibly fit in another kids' activity.

(I'm thinking that in-home piano lessons might be good for any/all of the kids, but the most obvious kid who would benefit immediately refuses.....but I've been way too overloaded lately to think about it for any of them. Frankly I'm reluctant to commit our weekends anymore than the little bit they already are.)

I can't wait to read what Katrina thinks of me someday -- !!


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