Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5/30/12 Katrina's concert

Preschool graduation did not go well. Katrine cried and refused to participate with her happy singing classmates I had low expectations for her Kindergarten concert. She expressed concern about it this morning, and was outraged at having to wear her "class shirt."

But when I arrived for the show, her class was filing into the auditorium, and she seemed pretty relaxed.

To my surprise, she sang -- or at least moved her mouth -- with her classmates. She wasn't particularly animated, but this was a huge improvement from throwing a fit.

She looked at me a LOT, obviously very relieved I was there.

Photos at the end, and Katrina was relaxed and happy here. So nice to see her interacting with her classmates, she's so often just out on her own.

So many parents take video of the entire performance -- what are they going to do with all that video?! I love these little concerts, but I can't imagine watching all that video.

Two down, one to go -- Gabriel has some performance coming up the 2nd week of June. I can't believe we're in the final weeks of school already!


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