Sunday, June 03, 2012

6/3/12 Cartwheels

I'm not sure how this started, but somehow, a cartwheel-fest happened after dinner tonight.

Julian has to work on cartwheels in Kung Fu, so he has some idea how to do them, though he doesn't do them very well. Gabriel joined in the action, and I tried to show both boys how to do cartwheels. This turned into all sorts of fun, including when one hard landing on Gabriel's part resulted in some unexpected flatulence. I said, "I said cartwheel -- not FARTwheel!!!!" and they were both whooping with laughter -- it doesn't get funnier than that for kids!

I noticed that like me, Julian is "left-sided" -- putting his left hand down first (though we're both right-handed). I asked him to try putting his right hand down first, and he couldn't even position himself to make that happen. Gabriel in contrast, is "right-sided," he could only attempt a cartwheel with his right hand down first. Interestingly, Gabriel's hand dominance was far more ambiguous as a baby than Julian's, but Julian is the left-sided one.

My cartwheeling boys!

Katrina wasn't interested, but she's signed up for a week of gymnastics camp this summer -- we're in for lots more cartwheeling fun!


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