Monday, June 04, 2012

6/4/12 Enjoying your work

I always imagine it can't be too much fun cleaning other people's homes, but then sometimes our cleaners do little things like this.

My favorite was one time when they arranged stuffed animals on a bed, and one dog had sunglasses on it. It almost makes these ladies seem like family friends -- we don't see them and can't talk to them when we do, but little things they do tells me they make their jobs a little more fun for themselves.

Sometimes I'll take my work to an extra level too -- last weekend, I took the boys on a field trip to a nearby community college to do a little wireless network sniffing, in preparation for a meeting with the college's IT managers coming up in two weeks. Gabriel walked around some buildings with my small laptop, putting together a heatmap (he's done that at home so knows how), and Julian was tasked with navigation on the paper maps. They boys also got in a lot of running around, while I sat outside the locked buildings, with my laptop fitted with my little Wi-Spy antenna, checking out the RF activity in the WiFi bands. Not nearly as cool as making a flower out of toilet paper, I know.

On a different note, one of the original landscaping plants, a non-native hibiscus, was planted in direct view of the guest suite sliding door. It's flowering now, and it's a showy delight to see every time you walk down the hall.

Right next to it is another survivor of the first round of plantings, a native-ish salvia. I love these plants because of their scrubbiness and nonstop flowering with small, striking red flowers.

It's time for some patio furniture so I can enjoy these plants sitting down!


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