Thursday, June 14, 2012

6/14/12 Swim lessons

This is by far one of the best last-minute decisions I've ever made.

The day school ended, Tuesday, I was still trying to figure out what fun thing to do with them for the afternoon, when it struck me on the way to get them: swim! We've visited at this local pool before, as guests, but suddenly I decided to join. It's costly, but alas, choice often is. Now we don't have to depend on the kindness of friends or coordination to go.

And bonus -- they offer swim lessons. Most pools do, but never at times palatable for working parents ("how about, hmm, 10am on Tuesday?" -- uh, no!). So to my amazement, I was able to sign the kids up for swim lessons for several days in a row after work.

I never plan these things right, and when I do I mess it up -- so this couldn't have worked out better. The day after school ended, they started swim lessons, 5pm - 6:30pm, one half-hour private lesson each. Yay!

Gabriel isn't happy about this, but it turns out, not all was lost in the past. He actually kinda-sorta can swim.

I asked him to jump into the deep end and show me he can make it across, and sure enough, he could. He really needs to play there though, so he can broaden his skills.

Katrina of course is loving the swim lessons, and Julian too is going right along with it. My money is on him to be a strong swimmer when he gets the technique down, he strikes me as pretty natural in the water. But both boys mostly just want to annihilate each other with water guns.

I'm so happy that after swim lessons, this weekend we can actually go back to the pool and just play!

Nothing like a set of nice worn-out kids to make an evening better. Ahhhh...


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