Sunday, June 17, 2012

6/17/12 Mountain Bike

Bicycles are viewed a little differently around here than in many families. They're not really owned by one kid, they're not gifts or rewards or something you choose or Christmas presents, any more than carseats are. They're more like a family resource, something you use while it fits you, and when it doesn't anymore, the next kid gets it.

But I think Gabriel will have a hard time parting with this new mountain bike when it comes time. Finally, he's grown big enough for a bike with gears!

Dave took the boys to a great local bike shop today, and neither came away empty-handed. Julian didn't get a bike -- our method means he'll get hand-me-downs for years -- but he did get a new helmet and gloves.

And someday, this lovely shiny thing -- probably a lot less shiny by then -- will be Katrina's!

This might be enough to push me over the edge to finally start mountain biking, another obsession brimming under the surface, waiting to take over. And what better reason than to go with my kids?!


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