Friday, June 22, 2012

6/22/12 Swim progress

Yay! Swim lessons have worked so well this year!

I've taken the kids to swim lessons every day this week, after 2 days last week (and 2 more next week), and each one gets a private lesson. That is so the way to go if you have a short amount of time, and really want them to learn to swim quickly.

My objective for both boys this summer was for them to be safe in the deep end. Gabriel was pretty much there, and proved to me that he could be pushed in and swim his way out. I insisted he do some laps too, which he's very poor at but can basically do.

For Julian, I hoped that by the 5th day this week, he'd be close to really swimming in the deep end, but he went way past that. He can swim across easily (with far less complaint than big brother) and now spends all his time jumping in and swimming out.

And to my amazement, Katrina is starting to get the idea of how to do side-breathing too! She's still a ways from actually swimming, but she's getting closer and closer.

What a change from the days when I'd have to sit in the pool with them, barely daring to turn my head, and hoping I wouldn't have to rescue more than one at a time!


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