Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/12/12 "Mom, my b*tt itches!"

Most of the time, if Julian says something about his rear end, it can be ignored as yet another transparent attempt to use bathroom words in an inappropriate context. Which I did. Ignore it.

But tonight just before his bath, he showed up naked in the kitchen. "Mom, my butt still itches." And WOW. He had a glaring, nasty, bumpy red rash all over his rear end - and front end (fortunately minus the most important parts).

The best I can figure is that my laziness about washing new clothes before wearing -- including underpants for 8-year-old boys -- has caught up with me. My only excuse: they're not babies after all, and overall aren't "allergic" sorts of kids....err, right?

And of course I let the state of underwear quality get to the point of such drastic desperation that time to wash the darned things before wearing was merely a formality. I thought.

Well, it's only a theory, but given the placement of this rash, it's the best I've got.

Most interesting to me, it's yet another indication of how constitutionally, Julian is just different than his siblings. Aside from Katrina's inexplicable hive episodes as a baby, overall, things like this just don't happen to her, and never to Gabriel. For the most part I've escaped these regular events in the modern world of parenting, but if it's going to happen to any kid, it's most likely Mr. Middle.

A liberal slathering of Gold Bond on the "affected areas," and I think he'll be good to go. But yikes, I think I'll pay 1% more attention the next time Pot-Mouth mentions "itching."

Speaking of substances, lately, Julian wants to Dippity-Do his ultra-straight hair into lofty styles. This he did with just water and it fell flat minutes later, but he begged for a photo first:

I am very amused to find a comb and puddles all over the sink after Mr Vanity has been in the bathroom -- and here I thought teenage years were a ways off! But at least by then, he'll have to wash his own skivvies.


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