Saturday, September 15, 2012

9/15/12 Car Wash

The boys have been clamoring for jobs to do to earn money....and what better than to wash cars? Actually, it'd take less time -- and probably less money -- to run the car through a car wash, but having them this industrious for over an hour was well worth it.

Though two boys and two hoses within 5 miles of each other is most certainly going to lead to problems.

And to some antics with photo-taking. The boys were laughing WAY too hard as I took these photos, but Gabriel managed to time it perfectly so I didn't notice his lewd positioning of the hose nozzle until I looked at the photo later.

This was a good job for them, they were busy and the cars really were dirty!

I used up some coupons and sales from LL Bean and got some new shirts for the boys: some actual button-down nice-looking shirts. Gabriel rejected the idea instantly, and Julian followed suit, but today Julian showed up wearing his new shirt. He's showing more and more signs of being interesting in his appearance, and blushes when I compliment him.

I couldn't take my eyes off him. SO handsome!

To me, kid-shirts are to be worn and washed and abused, not put in a glass case and admired, so I didn't mind him wearing it for car-washing (thank you LL Bean).

Meantime, Katrina and I had a playdate -- her with an old friend Saul, and me with Saul's mother Sara, and even older friend to me. Sara and I have known each other a long time, but not well until we found ourselves in our 40s and in prenatal yoga together with babies due and born in 2006. Katrina and Saul don't know each other all that well, but I was happy to see Katrina open up and actually play with this open bright little boy, instead of hiding out by herself.

Overall a productive -- anc cleaner -- day!


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