Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10/16/12 Stepping Out

Today I tried letting the kitties out of the one room they've been in for a few days. They'd gotten comfortable enough in there, and with us, that I thought it'd be OK. I was home this afternoon with Gabriel, so thought we'd give it a shot. Nothing like having a kid to help you follow a cat around and keep track of it -- this house is full of hiding places.

Zorro was curious and at ease right away.

Meow-stache, not so much. She scurried around, panicked, and hid. In time, Gabriel was able to calm her.

But I knew they'd both be a little freaked by the usual mayhem of the other two getting home, so decided to put them back in the room for the evening -- mostly to give them refuge from the kids.

To my delight, the kids are happy about participating in cat-care, so far. Katrina even poop-scooped voluntarily! I showed her how to give the kitties some wet food (a small amount as a treat only), and she took this job very seriously.

Zorro has pink paws!

Meow-stache (the mommy) was certainly more comfortable back in the safety of the one room they've gotten to know. I notice she's fine with just me, but acts nervous when there are kids around, or too many kids. Katrina especially seems to scare Meow-stache, even though Katrina is really very gentle and careful with her. I have no doubt they'll adjust quickly to each other though.

Still, I think the mommy-kitty will be "my" kitty, as she's most relaxed with me.

Zorro on the other hand will be "the kids'" kitty, as he's much braver and likes to play more.

We are all so enjoying our new family members!


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