Saturday, October 20, 2012

10/20/12 Black-and-white

I still haven't done my due diligence finding out what a "Tuxedo" cat means, but it does get me to thinking about other animals that are known for being black-and-white: pandas, penguins and skunks.

Meow-stache's markings continue to fascinate me. It seems every day I find some another unusual pattern on her. One of her oddest markings is this little splash of white on her back -- not quite enough to call it a "stripe," but it's still there.

This kitty is so funny -- she scurries away and acts fearful when there's activity around, and when the kids are around, there often is -- but she seeks it out more too. She tends to appear around me a lot more than Zorro -- in fact, as I write, she's snoozing on a chair just a few feet away. Last I saw Zorro though, he was hanging around on Gabriel's bed.

Katrina has also made peace with Meow-stache, and spends a lot of time just looking at her quietly when it's peaceful. Thank goodness there are enough cats to go around!

Beautiful as my two Tuxedos are, we've totally scored on their inner beauty as well!


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