Sunday, February 17, 2013

2/17/13 Redwood park

Nothing lifts my mood, outlook, joy and will to live like getting outside. So what a great treat to go on a nice long hike today with a dedicated, experienced, even more enthusiastic hiker and friend!

"Hike" often suggests "walk," but while there was a lot of walking involved, there was also a fair amount of navigating, scrambling, climbing, navigating and a little bit of teetering.

One great thing about this time of year is the full falls.

A good camera and photographer makes this same falls look a lot different.

Wildlife too, including this intrepid centipede.

My crummy camera and even crummier photography skills never do these parks justice.

Incredible that we live less than an hour away from such state parks, filled with redwood trees, canyons, beautiful views, waterfalls, narrow trails......and can make an easy trek in a few hours, in February. This is a truly wonderful place!

I really love the Sierras, but a serious impediment to a fantasy of living there would be missing redwood trees. I absolutely love redwood trees, they're my favorite, and the forests are I can "suffer" with the local mountains populated with redwoods right now. And it's great to enjoy it with a friend who feels the same way!


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