Monday, February 18, 2013

2/18/13 Last camping trip

I'd done the photos, but hadn't posted them anywhere. Finally, months later, are the photos from our last camping trip in August, the weekend before school starts, if anyone's still interested (and Facebook-enabled):

August 2012 Summer Last Hurrah Camping Trip

Blogger just made some long-overdue updates, but they've maintained their long legacy of introducing just as many problems as they solve. They finally updated its horribly inconvenient and ancient photo-upload method, but now removed the choice of size of photos.

It's really time I change this blog anyway; its format is ancient, but I need to look into changing the blog service too. And maybe I should make it invitation-only, with regrets, because I like anyone who's interested to read about the kids without having to join blogger, but I'm increasingly uncomfortable with anyone who's interested being able to read about me. Well, that'll probably not happen until blogger makes yet more annoying changes!


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