Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2/26/13 The Thank-You

Whoever heard of getting an unsolicited thank-you note before you did something?!

Katrina wrote this darling thank-you note on the day we left for Truckee on Ski Week -- before our Ski Week snow/ski trip:

Dear Mom:, thank you for planning a ski trip. Love, Katrina. p.s. I love you :)

OK, does it get any sweeter than that?!

She also wrote her "Vacation" report (from Winter break) about our snow trip:

Over my vaction I went sking at Tahoe donner and Sugar Bowl. It was fun. I went to ski scholl It was a half day school. I worked on turning.

Next I skied with my mom. I went to the terrain parks. It was fun. I had so much fun sking!

Someone asked me today if I'd ever done fingernail-painting with Katrina. Uhhh....no? Is that OK?? Never done makeup, dress-up, nail-painting, shopping, or any of that normal "girl" stuff. Camping, skiing, skating, hiking, yes. Errr....is that OK?

For what it's worth, I don't remember doing a lot of that "girl" stuff with my mom (who as a pianist always kept her nails short anyway), and we ended up with a fine relationship. I do bake and cook with my kids -- all of them -- does that make up for my inadequacies as a "girl" Mom?

But nothing makes me happier than seeing my dear daughter write in her "What I Did On My Vacation" essay that she skiied with her mom. I think I can be forgiven for the lack of nail-polish for that!


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