Wednesday, February 06, 2013

2/6/13 Middle School

One life's logistical challenges I'd been putting off fretting about was school next year: Gabriel is going to middle school, and the middle school I'm zoned for is about as far as possible from my house and still be in the middle-school district.

How would he get there and back?! The district is shaped long, and I live at one end, and the middle school is at the other end. My middle school is much too far to walk from home, much too dangerous to bicycle, and there are no public busses. Carpooling is unreliable, I don't know enough people, I can't contribute to a carpool either. A coworker told me about a bus that neighborhood parents arranged, but it would still involve driving Gabriel to the bus stop. Walking home is by far the most reliable method.

Then, things changed completely with a letter from the school district a few weeks ago. Attendees of our elementary school in a small area that includes my house, were given an option to attend a middle school that is physically closer. I'd wanted to get Gabriel in that school because of proximity, and it's also very close to elementary school and CDC, but since its test scores are higher, I figured it would be impossible to request a change.

But now, because of space concerns at the fine but far-away middle school I'm zoned for, suddenly there was the option of the closer middle school (with higher test scores, whoopee, whatever).

Here's a map. The school we're zoned for is named "Cup. Middle." The school we're not zoned for, but we suddenly have an option for, is named "Lawson." The kids attend Collins for grammar school, which is about a 1-mile walk from home.

I sent in the letter with the option checked YES for the closer not-zoned middle school, thinking it was merely requesting the option -- but I'm told that is actually final (not officially confirmed). If that's true, suddenly, the school landscape changes again!

Middle school will be very different from elementary, and from when I was in 6th grade. They'll have daily P.E., an 8th-grade mentor, electives, and online collaboration with classmates. My goodness, my newly-minted 11yo is really growing up!


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