Wednesday, September 27, 2006

9/27/06 The home stretch

(I've got to learn just to post little notes -- it doesn't have to be a comprehensive tome! And doesn't absolutely have to have photos, though I always like entries better that way.)

I'm now 38 weeks along, and very, very ready to have baby#3. Incredibly, the last 2 days, things have actually improved somewhat, with no major round ligament pain to speak of. I can't believe what a difference this makes to my day and to my overall outlook. I'm still very limited in what walking and maneuvering I can do, but I'm not limping now and not at risk of a brutal stab when I stand up. I am so much happier throughout the day without that!

The boys have been really good lately, especially together. In the mornings, they've been playing together before Dave and I get up, and five minutes can actually elapse before anyone cries! Sometimes, even 45 minutes! It used to be that the moment they were in the same room, (usually) Julian was crying. Both boys have made some real maturity leaps lately, both in mannerisms, use of language, and reactions to things. I haven't even had to send Gabriel to his room in at least a week!

Remodeling is still dragging along, down to little details in our bedroom, and larger ones in the other two bedrooms. A lot of work has been done on little closets in the boys' room and the babys' room, and soon they will just be awaiting doors, which I've ordered. I'm very ready to be done with having contractors here and our upstairs being living space again, instead of a construction zone.

Here's Julian showing off his little crown-hat he "made" in Tonya's preschool. I've had to make use of a lot of childcare lately, and will continue to through October. But come November, I'll scale back to just a preschool schedule, since in theory, I'll have my body back. I am so SO looking forward to that!

- mommieN.

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