Friday, September 29, 2006

9/29/06 Baby3 holds out

I had a lot of weird cramping and pressure last night. Each pang brought on a fresh wave of hope that this would be IT! But, it all went away. From experience with Julian's birth, odd feelings like that will gradually escalate if it's really leading to labor. I get more odd feelings now, but they're not close to converging into actual contractions.

It all seems so far away, yet I know that it's a very, very real and huge thing that's going to happen in the next few (well, 12 or so) days.

A 4th day with no round ligament attacks. Incredible! I remember from my motorcycling days that on particularly arduous stretches that I'd ask myself: "if I could remove one discomfort, which would it be?" (headache, butt hurts, freezing fingers, etc.) Somehow that helped me focus on one thing, rather than several. Well, if a wish-fairy had presented itself last week and I'd have been able to pick one thing to get rid of, no question it'd have been the nasty leg zaps. I'd have gotten my main wish -- not a hallmark of this pregnancy so far!

Yesterday I had Julian all day, and Gabriel for the afternoon. Thankfully, I got a good snooze during Julian's nap, partly thanks to Gabriel falling asleep on his vaunted Teddy Bear.

Today, I had help from Sarah, a wonderful sitter that Tonya recommended. Tonya was closed today, so we needed childcare coverage Just In Case, but I'm also never sure how every day will shape up, and handling the boys all day myself can be very risky (though I was basically OK yesterday).

Still, I'm so glad Sarah was here, I was able to swim (yay), grocery-shop (barely), and rest (essential). Best of all, the boys had a fun entertaining day, something I can't really give them right now (sniff). Sarah also got to know the boys and our household, just in case we need to call on her this weekend. Peggy is also available, and Stacey is our fallback, until Tonya is back in action on Monday.

So while we don't exactly have a coherent Plan for the weekend, we have coverage. Besides, "plans" have a way of forming themselves when it comes to the unknowns of childbirth.

Only one more day left of September -- then October won't sound so far away!


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