Thursday, September 28, 2006

9/28/06 Julian goes to a birthday party

Aww, isn't this adorable. Kyan (3rd from left) turns 2 on Sep.30th, and his very-together mom brought things for a little birthday party for him at Tonya's. I knew Tonya had critical mass of kids around the same age (all born within 6 months of each other), but didn't realize they are all boys.

Left to right: Lance, Julian, Raj, Reese, Kyan, Zahaan, and Rohan.

(Zahaan is at Tonya's because of a 15-minute conversation I struck up with his very nice and friendly mother at Portal Park one day -- I recommended Tonya and Zahaan has been there for months now! He's exactly one month older than Julian, and Lance is 7 days younger. Kyan is the youngest.)

No sign of Baby#3 yet, but things are changing. One huge change for the better is the recession of the painful round ligament attacks. That makes a huge difference in my mood and in my day. Still, my walking is very impaired and I live with intense, constant, and daily-increasing downward pressure, and on my organs. Every new little feeling I have raises my hopes that this is finally IT, but Dr. Teagle said on Tuesday that if she had to guess (and she did have to since I insisted!) it'd still be another week. C'mon baby, you're baked, it's time. 12 more days until Due Date!

Thursday 9/28/06

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