Monday, October 16, 2006

10/16/06 Gabriel goes to the pediatrician

Gabriel has something on his face that we at first thought was a scrape, but not only didn't it heal, it gradually got worse and worse as days passed. He kept wiping the back of his hand across it, and now it's on his hand!

So I took him to see Dr. Loeb today, but it's no big deal. Some sort of "contact rash," not contagious (or we'd all be covered in it by now), treated with hydrocortisone or a prescription steroid cream if necessary.

I had some time waiting in the doctor's office to just sit and talk to him. It wasn't about much; he still says a lot of nonsensical things, but especially with a new baby in the house, it really struck me how far we've come. He's a regular little kid now. I really need to spend more time doing that, just sitting and talking to him.

Gabriel actually comes home with "homework," believe it or not. It's not really homework, there's no deadline, and no penalty for not doing it. The intent is to get parents to sit and help their kids with a minor project and reinforce the skills they learned at school. This week, the homework helped him practice his scissor skills (last week was Scissor Safety Week), by first coloring a skeleton, then cutting out the pieces, then pasting it to a piece of construction paper. Old hat for artists like cousin Aidan, but we don't do a lot of that around here (and should do more). Gabriel is very meticulous and careful -- and slow -- but does a neat job and really enjoys the "hard work." I don't know, is there a future scrapbooker here?!

I'm encouraged by my daily improvement, so trying to ignore the fact that my body is a long ways off from rehabilitation. My lower back being forced into the position it was for so long really took its toll, and I still can't stand for any real length of time yet. My abdomen is still pretty tender, in new ways every day, but I can lift things (like an infant seat with a not-quite-7-lb infant in it!) now, and get up out of chairs easily, curl up on the couch, and even wash dishes (oh joy).

Gabriel asked me today when we were talking in the doctor's office if I can run with him yet. I told him no, but soon, and when I do I'll run a lot faster! It's in sight: running and chasing and piggy-back rides and tickling. And baking together. Who knew I'd miss those things the most.


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