Wednesday, October 18, 2006

10/18/06 Katrina in flowers

Another textbook night, mostly. Wakeups every 3 hours or so, and right back to sleep afterward. Yay baby! OK, there was a little "happy baby fun time" at 6am, meaning, awake and alert, but not crying. A few times today I got 10 minutes or so at a time of Katrina just looking around calmly. Good, 'cause when she's crying, she's pretty hard to hold. Newborns are so floppy, they take two hands to hold.

Betsy gave us an adorable sleeper/blanket/cloth matching set, with purple flowers. I'm really not big on the whole cute-girl-clothes thing, but this really is pretty. I do like nice patterns on fabrics and scrapbook paper, after all. Katrina looks adorable in it, but also the blanket is a nice heavy one and great for a tight swaddle. Which she still gets out of. (Thank you Betsy!)

We finally FINALLY got some decent shelves in the garage! After months of bugging this carpenter for a time and date, he built us some fabulous heavy-duty storage shelves in the garage. The lowest shelf is deliberately high enough to store bicycles, strollers, shop-vacs and any number of large, awkwardly-shaped things, underneath.

My closets are done in our bedroom too, and most of the construction stuff is out of our bedroom. This weekend, we'll try to move all the upstairs furniture into that room. Yay! Though baby will make that difficult, at least now that I'm not pregnant, it's not impossible. A trip up the stairs doesn't wipe me out for hours now (though walking around Target today said that I'm still a long, long ways from normal).

Another wonderful dinner from another wonderful mom friend tonight. I've been saying I have no family support here, but I do have amazing support from my Las Madres mom friends -- some of whom I don't even know very well. I hope I can return the favor someday, these ladies are really marvelous.


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