Saturday, October 21, 2006

10/21/06 Katrina goes to Bobbi's

We all went to Bobbi's this morning before Gabriel's gymnastics class, our first time as a family of five! Katrina slept through this momentous occasion. Just as well, because Dave and I had our hands full keeping the boys under control.

An old nemesis has crept back into my life: headaches. One incredible thing about pregnancy is that it kept my chronic headaches at bay, but yesterday and today I've been fighting what I call "irrational sleepiness." My concentration is shot, and every head motion makes me feel like I'm going to fall asleep. It's a precursor to a severe headache, with all the weird sensations before the pain sets in. The absolute best way to cope is to sleep it off, but it took until 3 in the afternoon before I was able to do so today, between Katrina and Julian conspiring.

Gabriel went with Dave to Belmont to pick up more doors for our remodel. Since Katrina has been born, I've been increasingly stressed and upset about our house, for several reasons. One, I've been watching a lot of HGTV and seeing nicely finished and decorated homes and feeling very tired of being surrounded by such temporary fixings. Two, I have a lot more energy to care now, and want to do things like bake cookies which only reminds me how bad our kitchen is. Three, a new carpenter started the day before Katrina was born, and he's not nearly as good as the guys our general contractor has sent before, and it's stressing both Dave and myself. Even though I've never been into "decorating a nursery," I'm really starting to resent not being able to if I wanted to. I have a baby and two little boys; dealing with carpenters (and one who needs a lot of guidance I'm not qualified to give) is too much right now.

This afternoon as Dave and I walked around the backyard and upstairs, he carried a content and curious Katrina around. She was actually awake and happy during that time, a nice welcome moment. Later in the afternoon, I had a heck of a time just making Julian a simple sandwich. I managed to get her to sleep so I could get Julian down for a nap, but I hate how impatient I get with his putzing around. Knowing that baby could interrupt me at any moment is stressful, and there was a chance I'd have to abandon the nap preparation process at any moment. I know I got through this when Julian was a baby, but how?!

Katrina didn't think much of hanging out on the floor in the family room while I tried to clean up dinner, either. But it was worth a shot.


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