Sunday, October 22, 2006

10/22/06 An old habit anew

It was dicey, and timing off, but today we had a fairly regular Sunday in terms of activities.

My favorite Sunday activity is sleeping late, which today proved to be necessary thanks to some unexpected Happy Baby Fun Time from 3am-4am. Well, sort of; mostly I lay with Katrina, gave her the pacifier on and off, sat up and held and rocked her, then lay back down; constantly changing strategies as each thing led to another Fuss. So I needed to sleep late when she did, and didn't get up to start breakfast until almost 10!

While this is great for me, it's hard on Dave, as he's got to keep the boys off each other, and he doesn't like to go out or do anything until he's had a shower and breakfast, which doesn't happen until I get up.

But later, I took all three out of the house, on our first Sunday afternoon excursion together in a long time. This was a simple one, just walking down to the ultra-lame playground at the end of Linnet Lane, but it's more than the boys have gotten from me in a long, long time.

We had fun, with the boys showing off jumping for pictures, climbing, and running together. Then we walked back a roundabout way, and the boys were very good about holding the stroller across the numerous parking lots and un-sidewalked alleyways.

And I was actually able to walk the whole way without any serious compromising pain! I still get out of breath if I have to even so much as talk loudly for any length of time, but I'm definitely on the mend. I love that I can zoom around the kitchen and get five things done in 30 seconds, change direction and shift weight quickly, make a quick dash into the dining room as needed, and just be able to put one foot in front of the other normally.

It's timely that I'm getting my energy back just as Katrina is finding hers. She still demands 100% attention when awake, though curiously I found tonight that she'd stop crying and listen when I took her upstairs as the boys were getting ready for bed. The crying, shouting, running mayhem seems to overwhelm her and she just stops and listens. I wish I had my camera to capture some very nice moments of her lying on the floor peacefully during that time, and then looking into Gabriel's eyes. She really likes Gabriel, and he is very tender with her.

Gabriel also takes his "homework" very seriously. Kids Inc sends home worksheets for him to do with his parents, though there's no time limit and no penalty for not doing it. But Dave enjoys sitting with him, and Gabriel works very very carefully and meticulously. Today he must have spent an hour tracing the letters B and C and various words that start with those letters.

This is a picture I'd better get used to. Three children. I still can't believe it.


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