Saturday, October 28, 2006

10/28/06 Gabriel and Julian's costumes

Tough night. Katrina woke up at 2:30am, nursed, went back to sleep...for about 5 minutes. Then she was pretty much up until 4:30am, fussing and crying and holding her body tensely. Much of that time I spent rubbing her belly, feeling the gas churn around inside, and trying every position I could think of to help her burp or fart it out, futilely.

She finally settled down around 4:30 lying down next to me, and I tried to put her in the bassinet at 5:30, but she woke right up again. More nursing, more lying next to her, and finally at 6:30am, I was able to move her and lay down for real myself. Lying next to her isn't really sleeping for me; I can't move much, only have the covers partly on, and have to stay slightly awake to monitor her and help her back to sleep if she starts to stir.

Still, Katrina slept much of the day and let us get a few things done, such as move our bed into our new bedroom and do some more cleaning. Mom is coming on Wednesday, so I'm psyched to get the room somewhat ready for actually staying in it.

The light at the end of the remodeling tunnel is in sight: our general contractor got rid of the new guy who was stressing us out, and has some good old competent guys back on the job; everything's been ordered, the electrician's been here putting real lighting in, and things are finally falling into place. When the new doors are in, it's time for flooring and paint, and we'll be done!

Gabriel gets a huge kick out of running around our room testing all the light switches. He's not really allowed to do that, but I pretend not to notice since he's having such a good time.

The real highlight of the day was going to my 2004 Las Madres group's Halloween party today. And, I managed to get all three kids in a good state for my costume photos! I still don't think they're as good as the ones I got last Thursday, but they'll do. I'm just starting to get to know my new camera, though I also took photos with my old one.

I took all three to the party on my own, where many moms exclaimed how brave I must be. Brave or foolish! But really, it's easier to take them out than it is to be at home with them, and it's good to give Dave a break.

Once again, I got a lot of help from Betsy, of all people, since she has two very active ones of her own, and is pretty close to 9 months pregnant! She kept track of Gabriel and Julian outside, tied shoes, helped with juice drinks, opened bubble bottles; all the little things I could barely think about while trying to keep Katrina happy. I hope I can do the same for her! If nothing else, we'll be kindred spirits having three children pretty much all the same age.

Before we left for the party, Dave enjoyed some rare moments of Katrina being awake and content, a nice treat. She liked looking right up at him.

But as I type, she's awake and crying tensely again. I'm back on!


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