Friday, October 27, 2006

10/27/06 Mom recovers from the camera crisis

Today was the last day I have all-day childcare for the boys.

I deliberately got a lot of time from Tonya in October to recover from having the baby, but now it's time to buck up and face facts. We have three children, and I have to be able to deal with it. Of course, I'll still have a lot of time "off," since Gabriel goes to pre-K every weekday morning, and Julian will still go to Tonya's MWF mornings for pre-preschool. But I'll have all three every afternoon from now on.

Katrina's starting to give us a little more awake-happy time. Today she spent about 10 minutes under the Gymini, and another 15 or so in a bouncer as I had lunch. I discovered she likes -- well, tolerates -- the Baby Bjorn, though unfortunately it puts pressure on the still-sore incision cut just under my bellybutton.

I went back to the Pumpkin Patch with Katrina today, in a desperate and futile attempt to recover my camera. I'm baffled -- if I really did stick it in someone else's stroller, wouldn't they have noticed it when they folded up their stroller when leaving, and turned it right in? What on earth will someone do with this beat-up camera, besides look at great photos of my kids?! In any case, I have to accept it: it's gone.

So I went straight to San Jose Camera and Video and bought a new camera, a Canon this time. I'll use my old Canon for a few days until I get the new one all set up and learn to use it, since I can't be without a camera around Halloween!!

It was a lot different camera-shopping this time, since I have a lot more experience with picture-taking now and know the limitations of these cameras, and my own limitations. My needs are a lot simpler now. Though it will be a necessary evil sometimes, I've given up on indoor onboard flash shots. They just suck, and there's no point in trying to pick a point-and-shoot camera that will do a good job. I don't care about megapixels; the lens can't keep up with all the pixels and it just makes for a lot of unnecessarily unmanageabe large files. I do care about a good self-time mode; my old Olympus forced you to go through the menu to set self-time mode for every shot!

I did manage to get in a photo session with Katrina this afternoon, with my old camera, same shots as I'd gotten yesterday just before leaving for the Pumpkin Patch. And I love these. It makes up for a lot. This little Halloween outfit is adorable, I love it.

Next step in the recovery is getting the boys in their costumes, and somehow getting Katrina in a good state for that photo session too.

More baby fusses tonight, but not quite as bad, starting around 7pm. I think she's just plain old tired, but keeps waking up to spit up, poop, or do anything and everything gastric. She also gets hiccups all the time, several times a day. She got a lot of hiccups inutero, including when I was in labor!

Tonight during her now-routine tense crying session, I took her out to do some quick grocery-shopping, and she actually settled down in the car and in the stroller. That was a much better way of spending that time than pacing her around the living room, which I'd already done so much of today that my back is about to break in half. Still, it's hard to complain when I'm still so happy that I CAN move around the living room, as compared to just a few weeks ago.

Gabriel earned himself some candy tonight by eating all his dinner...but then lost it when he was rude to Dave in a completely uncalled-for way. We've been having some serious backtalk problems with him lately, in which he is rude, threatening, bossy and says entirely inappropriate things to us. Much of what he says sounds a lot like us when we sternly warn or threaten him with some punishment. But of course he's not allowed to threaten to take something away from us. I shouldn't even tolerate "poopy mommy," which I ignore, since reacting to it will only cement it in his mind -- and Julian's -- as a great thing to say. I've got to find this kid's currency, but I know better than to hold my breath.

The scary thing is that Katrina reminds me more of Gabriel than anyone else!


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