Monday, October 23, 2006

10/23/06 Katrina's "Liza Look"

Somehow yesterday after Katrina's bath, the hair on top of her head got stuck straight up -- and stayed that way all day today! I swear she reminds me of Liza Minelli sometimes, with the spiky hair.

Katrina actually had some peaceful moments today, a few of which were spent under one of three Gyminis we've been handed down.

Unfortunately, she wasn't peaceful during my friend Paul's visit -- too bad, because he brought his new SLR camera and is an excellent photographer. Kids never cooperate.

Then after a short nap, she was all relaxed and sweet again. I got lucky while experimenting with taking photos with the flash forced off, and got a lovely photo of her with the spiky hair.

An otherwise good day and evening was marred with yet more backtalk from Gabriel. He's been unbearably rude and insulting to us lately, and as usual, his response to warnings, scoldings, threats, punishment and even being ignored, is to escalate. Still, most of the time, he's agreeable and helpful, but when something rubs him the wrong way, he is downright nasty. He's nothing but tender and loving with Katrina though.

It is no fluke -- Katrina often "smiles" with her eyes wide open, usually just before or just after a drowsy state. I finally managed to capture one such smile on camera.

Tomorrow is my first afternoon with all three of them all afternoon -- wish me luck!


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