Saturday, October 07, 2006

10/7/06 Katrina's first all-nighter

Ugh...not a good night. Baby awake and unhappy ALL NIGHT LONG. Nothing I did worked, and I got desperate enough to try putting her in the car and driving, and even giving her formula (which she didn't take, and I'm glad, I was completely irrational and incoherent by then).

Finally around 5:40am she settled enough that I could rest my head, and at 7am I was able to lie down....until 1pm this afternoon! So much for waking up babies to nurse, I was way way too tired. Still am. I'm the stereotypical new mom: unshowered, in PJs, hair a mess...but I'm not a new mom!

I did have a few minutes for photos. Here she is finally sleeping on our bed this morning (a brief moment of awakeness then zonk), then in the carseat in the afternoon. Actually, she's been sleeping all day and is impossible to wake up. But I'm going to try again in a moment.

Reminder to self: Julian did the same thing, I got no sleep for his first 3 nights. Ironically, the only cooperative newborn we had was Gabriel.

Peggy's here entertaining the boys and will help us with dinner.

I also think I'm getting thrush, so not what I need when I'm trying to calm a relentlessly squeaky newborn.

The boys absolutely love seeing and touching her. She doesn't reciprocate the sentiment yet.


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