Monday, November 13, 2006

11/13/06 Mastitis strikes

Sore right breast, 102 temp, achy, cold, ears buzzing, headache, relentlessly tired (aka flu-like symptoms).

I described this to West Valley Women's Health over the phone, and they said to come in right away. Diagnosis: mastitis (infection in a milk duct). Treatment: antibiotics. Darnit, just when I'd kicked the thrush.

I sure wish I could just take a hot bath and crawl into bed. Dave's out getting take-out for everyone, and already came home from work early and took care of all three when I went to the doctor.

oh please let this pass quickly. It hit fast and hard and I feel absolutely horrible. But I'm glad we took care of it right away, since every case of mastitis I've heard of included the word "hospital."


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