Monday, December 11, 2006

12/11/06 Katrina "sleeps through the night"

Technically, Katrina slept through the night last night! "Technically" is the keyword here, because being woken up at 5am is still being woken up.

Still, last night, my 9-week-old baby slept from about 9pm to 5am, a solid 9 hours. A fluke? I don't think so. She won't necessarily do that every night, but she's been pretty consistent about only waking up once, or twice if you count 11pmish, and mostly going right back to sleep. I haven't had to pace her around in the wee hours in weeks!

I've been jotting down the time she nurses, because I'm so discombobulated I can never remember -- even just an hour after nursing! And, if it's less than two hours after nursing, she doesn't nurse well at all. In that case, if she cries, she's almost certainly just tired, and almost always goes right to sleep if I put her down.

But noting her nursing times is instructive and interesting. Today's times were almost exactly 3 hours apart -- her times, not mine. Yesterday, it was more like every 2 hours (hungry girl!). Though this consistent pattern presents dilemmas sometimes, like if we need to go out 1-1/2 hours after nursing, for the most part, it makes doing and planning things much, much easier.

The hardest time to get her to sleep is in the evening. That's too bad, because I have this wild idea of going out for two hours on Thursday nights. Which means Dave would have to get the boys *and* Katrina to bed on his own. That's a lot to ask of anyone (well, except Peggy).

But I am going to do my utmost to get our evening/dinner routine in shape to make it as easy as possible. Because a new 13-week session of ice-skating lessons starts January 11th, and I want to be there!

12/11/06 (no photos today)

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