Wednesday, December 13, 2006

12/13/06 All healed

Today I had one final OB appointment, to check on my surgery incision. Amazing how fast things heal without foreign objects! Though the incision is still visible, it's not painful and is much smaller. Finally, I can really put the whole pregnancy and its physical aftermath behind me.

At the doctor's office, I found something interesting on the wall. What's that? A photo of me and Katrina?! No, just a mirror. It was entertaining trying to keep the camera out of the picture.

Katrina in a beautiful toile-like outfit, a gift from Dave's former manager and his wife. Unfortunately, baby was tired and grumpy at the time, so no cute faces.

Katrina technically slept through the night again, if you count 11:30 - 6am as "through the night."

Tonya kept Julian all day, so I had a nice relaxed afternoon with Gabriel, welcome after a hectic morning of cleaners, painters, and appointments. Gabriel and I set up the lights on the Christmas tree, as well as the mantle garland and the few other paltry decorations we have.

At one point, out of the blue, he told me, "I love it when you call me 'hugabug' Mom!" 'Hugabug' is my nickname for him. We got talking about nicknames, and he asked me what my nickname is. I told him that he can make one up, and he said, "Ok...Basket!" Yeah, Basket Case is more like it.

We took a "pajama trip" to Redwood City to drop Dave's car off at the "car doctor" for scheduled maintenance tonight, meaning all three kids were bathed and in pajamas for the ride there and back. That made us think: when my car needs service, we'll have to figure out how to make Dave's car work for all three kids. But we will. To think, we were shopping SUVs and even looked at a minivan when we knew we were going to have three carseats, thinking it was impossible to get three carseats into the Outback. Not only did we do it, but Betsy even found carseats narrow enough to squeeze two of them (
Sunshine Kids Radian 65), plus an infant seat into the back of her Saturn wagon, one of the few wagons even narrower than my Outback. So we'll figure it out.

Last music class tomorrow.


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