Tuesday, December 12, 2006

12/13/06 Yoga Day

I went to a yoga class this morning at the Y!

It was a lot different than prenatal yoga. I think partly because it's at the Y and not at a yoga studio, it was lighthearted, the teacher cracked jokes, and there wasn't any spiritual stuff or scented mists or bell chiming or Oms or anything. He teaches it very technically, which I like.

Still, yoga is about concentration, breathing and relaxing; none of which I could do well when the class ended at 11:40am. I knew that Katrina was running out of time in the Childwatch, and I still had to get home, give Julian lunch, nurse Katrina, call Carol Capper, take a shower, and maybe eat something myself -- all before picking Gabriel up at 1pm! Not conducive to letting my mind go.

I left the yoga class early to go to the fitness area to do a more intensive workout. "Intense" in my poor shape means I have to really work hard to last 5 minutes running on a treadmill. Blah. Still, doing weights, abs and stretching felt great because of the 50 minutes of yoga.

My friend Carol Capper has a swing she wanted to get rid of, so I picked it up after picking Gabriel up from pre-K.

Yesterday, I had a horrifying moment that made me want to find something else to put Katrina in when I'm in the kitchen. Gabriel was playing on the couch, and Katrina was in the bouncer on the floor in the family room. I left the kitchen for a minute or two, and came back to find a pillow over Katrina's face. Gabriel had been playing some game of putting a pillow on her head and it fell. The shock that rings through your body when you see a pillow on your baby's face...it was awful. I thought I could trust Gabriel around her, but clearly I can't. It wasn't malicious, just stupid 4-year-old stuff.

After I gathered myself, I talked to him very seriously, without getting angry, about never, ever putting anything on baby's face. He still got mad at me and acted pissy for about an hour.

It so happened that Carol offered me the swing the same day, and I quickly accepted. But, the swing wasn't inside for two minutes before I remembered why our last swing got little use: it's greatly fascinating to older kids, who will swing it, pull on it, climb it, play with the buttons, and generally create numerous hazards to a baby. I suspect I'll only be able to use it when the boys aren't around.

Julian needs a haircut.

His hair is getting mop-toppy, though I think it's pretty cute. I took a few experimental photos of him with a light right behind him -- one of the few times I actually prefer the flash version of the photo!

And look at those lips...I've always thought he has a gorgeous mouth.

I've found a way to sometimes break Gabriel out of one of his stupid states, whether it's being unbearably rude, or his new "victim" state (in which he creates a scenario to scream and cry and say he wants something): the camera! I haven't been able to take any video of him following me around being rude, because he runs away as soon as I pull out the camera. Yay! Today, taking pictures got him goofing around on my chair got him out of victim mode after a timeout.

The painters are here. This will mean many more days of contractors traipsing around the house, Julian not taking naps upstairs, having to keep the family room clear, no privacy, much noise...but it's the last big thing before we're down to nits. Is it possible we'll actually, finally, move back upstairs?! I'm starting to forget we ever did live up there.


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