Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2/28/07An organizing day

Yay! I'm almost done re-organizing my craft area in the office. It feels great, and functional now, having set it up according to the way I really use it: projects on one side, materials on another. Now I just have to find the time to use those materials on those projects!

I had a nice quiet morning alone with Katrina, who napped from 9:30am to 11am. That pretty much shot going anywhere until it was time to pick up the boys, and then she was falling asleep in the car and acting tired, so straight home we went after getting her brothers.

Gabriel complained yesterday that we aways go somewhere after picking him up, and that's true. Once again, I'm ultra-protective of my time "off" from kids, even with -- perhaps especially with -- three. I'm not going to waste kid-free time grocery-shopping or errands-running at Target! I'll take them all with me for stuff like that!

I realized today that I no longer brace myself for the times that they're all three home. It used to be that I'd pick up Gabriel, or both boys, then steel myself for a difficult afternoon: the boys fighting while I'm nursing baby, two-handed carrying of a miserable newborn; baby crying while I'm trying to get Julian down for a nap. But the boys are a lot better together now; Gabriel in particular has been a joy lately. And Katrina is a lot more predictable and manageable -- and carryable. If she's awake when it's time to get Julian down, she sits in my lap as I read a story to him. I almost prefer that, because I'd much rather spend her sleep time doing things that absolutely can't be done when she's awake. (Well, except that Katrina often isn't much fun to have in your lap, wriggling like a fish out of water.)

Not that I want to rush her babyhood, but sitting up by herself would make both me and Katrina very happy.

No photos today. Not even any funny kid comments, not that were sufficiently coherent to warrant repeating.


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