Sunday, February 25, 2007

2/25/07 Skating pre-run

No blog entry yesterday?! We were movin' on up -- upstairs that is. Finally, both Dave and I spent the whole night upstairs, and we had a big push of moving clothes, furniture, TV, etc upstairs.

I've been spending part of it up there anyway, after Katrina wakes me up, but this time, the night started there. I really like it up there, despite all the moving-in stuff still in the works, but to my surprise, the thing I liked best was a sense of closeness and safety having the boys closeby. Like we were all together again. That's nice.

Today we attempted to all ice-skate together. Yikes! This meant the whole family went to the ice rink in time for the public session to start at 1pm. We got there early to size rental skates for the boys and get all of us suited up.

Naturally the boys like the Zamboni best.

Well, it didn't go great actually. First I practiced for a few minutes, only to find that my bony and bruised anklebone (from Thursday's lesson) is still uselessly painful, making it very hard to really skate.

Then I brought Gabriel on the ice, and he had a hard time -- much worse than he did a year ago. But I know that improvements come about quickly, and at the end of the one lap he did, he was able to semi-skate on his own. The key was starting him off with his hands on his knees, in a secure position, then getting him to reach for my hands as I skated backward in front of him. Still, about ten minutes was all he could take.

Next, Julian. He was excited at first, and was very attentive to my instructions to put his hands on his knees. But even holding this position is pretty hard for a first time, so he quickly pooped out. Just as we were almost done, I tried the same thing I'd done with Gabriel: skate backward in front of him and hold my hands out for him, just out of reach, forcing him to reach for my hands. And then he did just fine, alternating feet and propelling himself forward.

Skating is a hard sport to start; it's not fun right away (like soccer) when you're falling all the time. And it was tough for me today: my bony anklebone was really really tender, and then I discovered that my fragile sacro-iliac joint paid a hefty price for all the bending down helping the boys.

Well, even if I never get any of my guys interested in skating, at least I have one last shot with Katrina! Speaking of who: another too-late, too-long afternoon nap for baby means she's back up, late. Guess she'll have her bath after the Oscars.

Please join me in sending positive thoughts to the Wisherd family, which in addition to Jodie, Chris and Aidan, as of today includes baby Reese, 14 weeks early. It'll be a long road for them all.


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