Friday, February 23, 2007

2/23/07 Goofy guffaw

No skating today, but lots of talking about it. I signed Julian up for a parent-and-tot ice skating class, starting March 7! This is the same one I did with Gabriel last year, that got me wanting to take lessons myself.

Here's a crummy camera video of Gabriel at his last skating class last year:

Funny kid comment of the day: Gabriel watched that video of him skating, and said, "That's when I was, like, completely 4!"

Katrina was just darling today, though she sure needed a lot of naps. Last night her first and only wakeup was at 2:30am, after going to bed around 7pm. Yay! Then she took a good solid morning nap, and I thought I had a good 2-1/2-3 hour window of awake time. As I got ready to take her to the Y, she was fussy and crying and not smiley, and as I was about to carry her out the door, she did that baby-burrowing thing that makes you think they're going to rub their noses off. Tired already?! But who can argue with the burrow? So I took her upstairs and put her down, and after about 5 minutes of half-fussing half-sucking, she went to sleep. Hukay!

I put Katrina in the exersaucer today for a few minutes, and then kept hearing a sudden sort of yipping sound. Turns out, she was quasi-laughing at spinning a toy on the exersaucer. It was so cute I tried to quickly capture a video, but she was distracted by the camera. Still, this video gives a few examples of her giggle (?), though she was doing it a lot more before I tried to capture it (the Heisenberg effect?):

I did an unusual thing tonight: took the kids to the Y after dinner, in an attempt to make a 5:45 hip-hop class. I missed the first half of the class, and enjoyed it even though a class at a fitness center isn't really the same as a true dance class. After the class, I ran on the treadmill, this time looking at distance instead of time. Then stretched and felt great, despite my growing guilt about the time: 7:15pm. What happened to a 6:30 up-to-bedtime for baby?

Turns out, she needed it. As I was leaving the fitness room, the Childwatch was on their way to find me. Katrina was a mess, all red-masked like a raccoon again, and absolutely beside herself. She cried pitifully the whole way home. Gabriel and Julian were having a grand time, playing together to my surprise, and very cooperatively.

Going to the Y: a good thing. Timing: still working on it.


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