Tuesday, February 20, 2007

2/20/07 Katrina's life with brothers

Yay! Two naps today for baby, one morning, one afternoon -- and a long one at that. It was delayed by a trip to Target after picking Gabriel up, but another breakthrough occurred during her nap: Katrina woke up about 30 minutes into it, much much too early, but I couldn't get upstairs right away. She made sounds like she was going to cry, fussed, sucked, fussed, sucked...then she went back to sleep. BACK to sleep! Yay! I could hear her sucking over the monitor. She's really got the hang of self-soothing it now.

As a result, she woke up at 5:00pm, instead of starting a mondo nap/bedtime then, so she actually had a normal(ish) bedtime. I can't express how ecstatic I am to have a baby who's now so easy with naps and bedtime. And, I'm very glad she's in her own room, so that Dave and I can buzz around our own room at night without disturbing her. It just wasn't fair to ask her to sleep and have the TV and lights on.

As I painstakingly go through every scrap of clothing of mine, the boys', and Katrina's (no mean feat since we were given a roomful of stuff), and arrange what little I'm trying to keep in dressers and closets, I decided I need a system for getting rid of things. Inspired once again by Kristi, I set up a bin marked Outgrown. The first time I put something on Katrina and see it really doesn't fit anymore, straight into the Outgrown bin it goes. What did I used to do, put it back into a drawer?? I guess so!

I already have numerous bags of outgrown newborn clothes to either give away to friends (the cream of the crop), take to the Smiling Frog (the brand-name stuff), or give to Goodwill (Target & Wal-Mart items). Hats, socks, receiving blankets, crib positioners, all sorts of baby stuff: GONE.

This morning I was upstairs nursing Katrina, with Julian playing downstairs, and I heard a man's voice coming up the stairs: "Hel-lo? Anyone home?" Our general contractor, here to meet a City of Sunnyvale inspector for a final inspection. GEE, a little advance notice would be nice. Too bad he didn't walk right in as I was switching sides -- a good flashing might have taught him a lesson! And this from a really good contractor.

Fun kid comment of the day: Julian this morning complained about his sodden cereal: "It's FOGGY!"

Milk-soaked cereal notwithstanding, it was overcast this morning, so I snuck in a rare photo session with Julian and Katrina. One of these days I'll get all three of them again!

Here's a cheesy camera video of Katrina's life with her brothers. She was happy practicing sitting up, but dare I turn my head with this mayhem, let alone go into the kitchen to make dinner?! No shortage of entertainment in this house.

What a different life from the first baby. For all of us.


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