Wednesday, February 21, 2007

2/21/07 Katrina's carseat

No more infant seat!

Today I installed our old Britax Roundabout for Katrina. I should probably get another cover for it; it's the same old denim cover I got for Gabriel. It's so faded it's white now.

She LOVED being able to see out the windows, and play with Gabriel, and I LOVE how much easier it is to get her in and out of it. Plus now I can use my regular stroller, the same old Graco CityLite, which is a zillion times easier to control than the Snap-n-Go caddy for the infant seat. One tiny step away from babydom!

I had a chance to talk to Gabriel's teacher today, and commented that we'd entered the lottery for an alternative elementary school that has a flexible classroom format. That might suit Gabriel well, who's strong in certain things and not so much in others. She said he's definitely interested in math and science. "Art and drama? Forget it!" She also said he'd do fine in kindergarten socially, emphasizing that he sticks up for himself. "Defend" was the word she used. Gee, how big a part of kindergarten is that? Especially at Collins?

This evening, I had fun playing the Music Together CD for, and with, the boys. I showed Gabriel how to follow along the words to a song in the music book, which he loved doing. I was very surprised when he was able to read most of the words in the song "Roll Over:"

There were five in the bed
And the little one said
Roll over, Roll over
So they all rolled over
And one fell out

He has trouble with words like "there" and "they" (and apparently I do too, since I can't offhand name the parts of speech that they are). I'm pretty sure he mostly recognizes the words, and isn't really phonetically reading them. But he picked out the song titled "Kookaburra," certainly not a word you come across in typical book reading, so there's some "reading" going on. Writing on the other hand...

The boys were very cute sitting with their songbooks, turning the pages and trying to match the words to the song playing, looking at the pictures, pulling out instruments for the play-along. Katrina was tired and grouchy at the time, needing constant holding, but she was sufficiently distracted by the music and our singing, reading and some dancing (of course).

Speaking of tired Katrina, she had two naps today. The morning nap was greatly delayed by an OB appointment I had this morning, but the afternoon was was fairly normal. Still, by 5pm, she was tired. I managed to keep her up and happy until about 6:30, which I'm targeting for an up-to-bedtime. It went perfectly, she was happy in the bath, and very ready to go to sleep. Yay!

This morning I had a dream that at my annual OB appointment today, my OB told me that the strange cramping I've been feeling was because I was pregnant. AGGGH! That nightmare happened last year!! Not this time. No answers on the cramping though.

A cloudy afternoon made for a perfect photo-op, though Katrina needed a nap and wasn't quite in the mood. Not to mention, getting her brothers to cooperate is quite the challenge.

Who can blame Katrina for this worried look?


I need a professional! That goes for lots of things.


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