Thursday, February 22, 2007

2/22/07 Business Trip

Dave left this morning at what my old boss used to call "O'Dark Early" for a business trip, which meant I got to play single mom with all three this morning. Not so bad, once I persuaded the boys to get dressed.

I'm so lame with their breakfasts: cold cereal and milk, and that's it. But now at least I've convinced Julian that bits of banana in his breakfast is yummy. And it makes me feel better, if nothing else.

It was a rainy day today, with breaks in the clouds resulting in moments of intense sunshine. I saw a perfect scene from the office window: the magnolia tree in full bloom, brightly lit by sun, with a dark stormy background. By the time I got outside, much of the effect was gone...or did it just look different close up?

I think this was the 4th day in a row that for at least half an hour, all three kids were asleep at the same time. Of course, I don't "put" Gabriel down for naps -- he just does it himself.

Funny kid comment of the day: Julian decided to weigh himself, and pulled out the digital scale that I use to weigh things for shipping. He first said, "Mommy, it says Zero!" then came over to me and told me in a whisper, as though he were letting me in on a secret, "it doesn't work very well on the carpet." I went back to my typing, and the a few moments later, he announced, "Mommy! I weigh 30 hours!"

Since Dave got back late from his business trip, I took the opportunity to meet my mom friends for Coffee Night after skating. I took some extra practice time, since I juuust figured out how to do back crossovers without lifting my foot to do the crossing, and wanted to solidify it (ahh, extra weight on my heels!). This is so much fun.

I had a great skating class and practice, so was in a great mood afterward to meet up with my friends. It was so nice to talk about kids and family without any kids or family actually there! Good skating, good company, good cheesecake. Nothing like a good break from kids and family to make you look forward to kids and family again.


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