Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3/13/07 Katrina rolls over

Katrina spends virtually no time lying on the floor, as so many babies do, for fear (mine) of getting trampled by her brothers. And she doesn't last long lying on a bed, she always starts to cry or fuss. So she hasn't rolled over yet, though I think she could.

And she did! I put her on her tummy today, which I've only done a handful of times, and she pushed up and rolled easily to her back.

Also in the mobility department: this morning I found her in the crib turned a full 180 degrees.

Katrina and Julian went to Tonya's this morning so Dave and I could meet with our estate lawyers and finalize our trust documents. She did great, taking what would be her longest nap of the day on Tonya's bed.

But at home in the afternoon, she took only a short snooze and woke up grumpy at 3pm. This made me dread the rest of the afternoon, as she requires constant attention and carrying -- standing up, of course. Fortunately today there were times she'd let me sit down, and I got to talk on the phone and do a little Web-surfing, but dinner-making and putting boys to bed was all one-handed while carrying baby again.

After dinner, I sat in the family room to protect Katrina while she played on the floor and practiced sitting up (which will go a long ways toward making my life easier). Gabriel and Julian had to join in the tummy time.

Sweet kid comment of the day: Gabriel, talking about Katrina: "I just love her SO much!"

I hope he still feels that way she really gets mobile and starts getting into his Stuff.


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