Friday, March 16, 2007

3/16/07 Backyard afternoon

A beautiful warm afternoon today, so after naps we spent some time in the backyard. Katrina hung out on a blanket, content for about half an hour lying down, which is becoming increasingly rare. She wants to sit up and look around! I'm all for it.

The boys played with numerous things but the biggest hit was the blue spiky ball, a gift from Aunt Laura and Uncle Ryan that I finally got around to blowing up. They had a great time bouncing on the blue ball and another big ball, then got into a game of throwing them on top of each other's heads.

Meantime, I tried chipping away at the heaps of junk that is our garage, a few minutes at a time between playing with Katrina, holding her, and making sure the boys weren't running over her (when the balls came out, I put her in the stroller). Now I have another carload to take to Good Will. I'm becoming a regular there, and it feels great.

Ah, the skills we moms develop. Try making and serving hard-boiled eggs while holding baby! Tonight, I sat Katrina in my lap and held her in place with my elbows as I peeled and sliced the eggs. Heaven forbid she actually sit back peacefully while I tackle this two-handed task.

Our time outdoors put us late for dinner, so I did an emergency bail-out dinner. In some ways, I felt like Bad Mom for not serving a well-balanced dinner, but in other ways, I felt like Good Mom that my bail-out dinner was tortellini (and, as it turns out, hard-boiled eggs, which both boys liked!) instead of pizza. Actually, I rarely serve them just pasta these days, and haven't fallen back on pizza in months. Not that there's anything wrong with pasta or pizza, but I've come to see just pasta as a junk-food dinner, whereas I used to see it as a healthy staple. Ironic from someone for who junk food is a staple.


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MommaWriter said...

Ugh! You mean plain pasta isn't a well-rounded meal? What if it's whole-wheat pasta? What if the cheese tortellini is accompanied by a whole pile of Soycuttash? What if I just lose the pretension altogether and admit that my kids *rarely* eat a well-balanced meal, whether I cook one or not!