Monday, March 19, 2007

3/19/07 Early appointment

A ** 7:30 ** AM doctor's appointment? That meant I left before even seeing Katrina this morning, unless you count her 4am wakeup. (At which she drank heartily and went right back to sleep, so I can forgive her.)

Results of allergy testing: Zip. No food or airborne allergies, except a mild reaction to "mold mix," whatever that is. And no explanation for my strange reaction to fruit juices, which I've solved for decades by, surprise, not drinking fruit juices. Taa-daa.

I also had blood drawn for other tests for food sensitivities, including gluten, and those results should come back in a week. But there doesn't appear to be any low-hanging fruit (no pun intended) to solve migraines with dietary changes.

The only interesting thing that came out of it is my description of chronic and long-lasting bronchitis and coughing (which actually hasn't flared in over a year), and the allergy doc thinks that it could be a mild form of asthma, even though pulmonary function testing last year yielded nothing.

Obnoxious kid comment of the day: Gabriel, on his way to his room for relentless torture of his younger brother, to me, "Stupid pig!" Trouble is, my coming down hard on him for that only shows him how offensive it is. Note to self: LAUGH at him as though he said something silly, like the time he said, with all the venom he could muster, funny kid comment of the distant past: "I'm going to compare you!"

Another rough afternoon with a baby who didn't nap enough and required nonstop carrying and entertaining. I should be a better mom who appreciates my healthy, beautiful, perfect, vigorous, lively baby; not a resentful, frustrated, stressful shell of a woman who snaps at her kids and can't put two thoughts together and frequently finds herself in a room and having no idea why she went in there.

After dinner and baby bedtime, I zoomed off to the Y, where I took it all out on the treadmill, then did weights, stretching, and abs. My energy now exceeds my time; I could have spent another half hour there, pounding my body to revive my spirit. And it worked.


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