Wednesday, March 21, 2007

3/21/07 Julian's no-hands skating

Julian. My little skater! I just can't believe how well he's doing!

Today he forgot a few times to keep a death grip on my hand, starting with a game in which he runs -- yes runs after me. Which, of course, is very funny. Of course, on ice skates, if you run, you'll end up gliding a bit too.

Then I'd somehow forget to hold on to him, or I'd make him skate a little to me to get to my hand. But if he needed it, I gave it to him right away, since mostly he needs to build confidence.

Then there were the balls again, and it was no end of fun to throw them into the goal. This clip I took at the end of the class, when he was pooped out and complaining, he was skating much better than this before. And while holding my hand, Julian was skating fast enough that I had to push off to keep up with him. Indeed, it's safe to say that while holding my hand, he skated as fast, if not faster, than Dave does!

HMMM I wonder what combines the principles of soccer with ice skating....HMMMMM.....

I put snowpants on him today, which I think increased his confidence and comfort. Then again, it also backfired because then it was fun to fall on purpose, which is hard on my back to pick him up those extra times. He still can't get back up himself.

Before and after skating this morning, I had an hour to do things at home. This is how pathetic my life has gotten: I'm actually enjoying doing our taxes and a long-overdue review of our finances and budget. After all the remodeling expense, that's a bit of a downer, but I like getting a handle on it instead of it all being a big fuzz in my head. It's great to dig into a project and feel productive again.

Katrina spent the morning at Tonya's, first looking intently at everyone, then napping until I picked her up. Yay!

This is how hard my afternoons at home have been: though most people are horrified when I tell them I almost always grocery-shop with all three kids, the truth is, shopping with all three is actually easier than being at home! So after picking Gabriel up today, I took my little drinking-problems-waiting-to-happen to Trader Joe's, then a produce store next to TJ's, then to PW. Believe it or not, that was better than braving all afternoon at home. Not a peep out of Katrina the whole time.

I have a way of keeping the boys under control, sort of, at TJs. I made them both grocery lists, then gave them each a bag to carry. While in TJs, Gabriel complained aloud, "Mommy, it's hard to run carrying this bag!". Ohhh, REALLY? I answered absently, "Funny that...some people might say I planned it that way," drawing laughs and smiles from people around me.

Someone asked me today if they were twins. Probably because they both had on red sweatshirts.

Anyway, our excursions made for a much better afternoon, and let me try out
a recipe for chicken patties that I saw Rachael Ray making on the Food network. Ironic that I really enjoy watching cooking shows when I'm running on the treadmill! My new increased food awareness and interest has sparked a rare cooking kick. And while I had a few flops tonight, the chicken patties themselves were really good, and best of all, the boys loved them!

I'm glad I watched Rachael Ray make them, it's actually much more instructive than just reading the recipe. For instance, she mixed the fresh herbs, spices and yogurt all in the food processor, instead of in a separate bowl as the recipe says. Handy. And, she suggested parsley as a substitute for cilantro, much appreciated by those of us who find that
cilantro tastes like soap.

I'm having fun watching the new season of Dancing with the Stars. You'd think I'd be all over that, given how much I love dance, but ballroom is my second least favorite kind of dance (next to modern). It's just too glitzy for me. But, I appreciate the athleticism, and I have to give the celebrities credit for putting themselves out there. Image and ego is everything to people in the public eye, and they really are taking chances with that. To my surprise, my favorite female dancer so far is, hands-down, Laila Ali. She has a kick-ass gorgeous body, and she is far and away the most graceful. For men, while three of them are really pretty good dancers (the speed-skater guy Apolo almost shockingly), I have to say I liked watching John Ratzenberger (best known as Cliff on Cheers) the best. He doesn't take himself too seriously, but looked like he was having a great time and just seemed to have a good gamely spirit about him.

I mentally prepared myself all day to go to the Y tonight, and did, despite the time challenges of a labor-intensive dinner with a lot of cleanup, and then taking the whole family to Redwood City to drop off my car for service. But I made it at 9:15pm and closed the place down at 10pm. I like this new habit. It might even help me start liking myself again.


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