Sunday, March 18, 2007

3/18/07 Sunday Park Day

Today the Cupertino Las Madres groups of all birthyears met for a Sunday playdate at Portal Park, one of my favorite parks. It's closeby, shaded, and has lots of nice hilly grassy areas. On the downside, the bathrooms are far away, and the street is close enough to make moms with fast toddlers nervous.

It's especially fun to go to the park when there are playmates there. Especially the usual suspects: Gina and Andrew, though today Andrew mostly tried to keep up with Gina and Gabriel. Gabriel recognized "Gina's car" as we were parking, and was very happy she was there.

Katrina has her own White family playmate now: Dylan, though both babies are far too young to be very aware of each other yet. They're only 6 weeks apart in age, enough that it still makes a difference at this age, but not for long.

It was nice to (sort of) sit on blankets in the shade with our immobile babies and yak, though I only got away with this because Betsy got up a lot to track down the older kids, and because other moms who were standing could give us periodic reports on the whereabouts of the other kids.

I didn't get a picture, but Julian and another little boy found a fountain and soaked themselves so completely that they both went home in underpants, Julian in only underpants!

Gabriel and Gina were up to their usual antics, running all over the park and play structures. And into a tree to look over a fence at a neighbor's pool. Now that I think about it, I've never seen Gabriel climb a tree!

He then said he was scared and climbed down with no further complaint, to which Gina responded, "I'm NEVER scared to climb trees!" Indeed, Gina is the far superior climber.

For me to get these photos, Betsy kindly looked after Katrina.

Not long after the tree, the kids found the sand.

Gabriel was in another area playing with some other kids' trucks. I always ask the attending mom if he caused any trouble, as he's usually very intent on playing with trucks in the sand, but they always assure me he's been very polite.

A nice time at the park gave way to a lousy, difficult afternoon at home. Katrina took less than a half-hour nap, and was grouchy and demanding all afternoon. Finally at 5:00pm, I couldn't take any more, and neither could she, so I put her down for...what, a late nap? Early bed? I wasn't sure. She fussed for about 10 minutes, then zonk.

I woke her up out of a sound sleep at 7:30pm, not daring to call that bedtime. She was happy and playful for a long time, and then went to bed for real at 10pm. Not our best night for following routines!

Gabriel attempted underpants again last night, and thanks to Dave waking him up twice last night, he was dry this morning. So he's in underpants again tonight, but I'm not holding my breath. In retrospect, our last attempt to do this was when we were sleeping downstairs during the remodel, significantly adding to the pain-in-the-rear-end factor to getting up to wake him. So hopefully now being a few steps away from his room will help.

Strange kid comment of the day: Julian: "Mommy, do we have guns in the house?" Then Julian made a gun out of Megablocks and "killed" me.


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